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Join The Cacao and Maca Movement – Bringing connection through ancient master plants – 17th April – Wellington, NZ and Online

Wellington Women’s Full Moon Circle29th March & 28th April – Wellington, NZ

Join us at an intimate live upcoming maca or cacao connection experience

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1. Unlocking the endocannabinoid system with maca and cannabis

This workshop/webinar is about understanding the role of the endocannabinoid system in balancing our brain and body during times of chronic stress and inflammation. Stress, trauma, poor diet and lifestyle all play a big role in upsetting the sensitive balance of our brain chemistry and can cause anxiety, depression, fatigue and other symptoms that can lead to long-term chronic illness. During this workshop we will take you through the complexities of how stress impacts on the balance in our body and brain and how our natural health systems try to respond to stressors to maintain balance.

We will also be talking about the role of the endocannabinoid system in regulating and balancing our brain and body. How to activate our endocannabinoid system and the different ways we can treat chronic conditions like anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, auto-immunity and others using Peruvian Maca and other plants. Book your spot to learn more…

  • The gut-brain relationship and chronic inflammation
  • The role of stress in chronic health conditions, fatigue, auto-immunity, hormonal balance, mental health and other inflammatory conditions
  • The endocannabinoid system (ECS)
  • The role of the ECS in regulating HPA function and bringing balance back to the body
  • Peruvian maca and linking science to ancient traditions
  • How maca works, FAAH inhibitors, the differences in the colours and therapeutic uses
  • Finding the right treatment approach and option for you
  • The HPA axis and stress response systems
  • HPA dysregulation and it’s impact on the body
  • Anadamide (AEA) and human cannabinoids
  • Cannabis and plant cannabinoids – how they work, differences, functions and health benefits
  • Making medicine from maca and the formation of macamides
  • Maca and cannabis, pros and cons and combining them in treatment
  • Case studies and success stories
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2. Tackling chronic fatigue & autoimmunity with integrative health

This workshop/webinar is about the latest research behind this complex health condition and what you can do to prevent, manage and overcome fatigue. Learn about the role of food and lifestyle in the development of CFS, the gut to brain relationship, the inflammatory cascade, dysfunction of energy production, autoimmunity, how stress impacts the brain and how to create your own health journey to achieve your health potential.

  • A journey through chronic fatigue – From when your health tower collapses to diagnosis. The Western health approach to CFS.
  • The inflammatory cascade – An in-depth analysis of inflammation, it’s origins, its mechanisms and how it affects the body during chronic fatigue and other auto-immune conditions.
  • The latest studies and research – new avenues. What we now know about CFS and autoimmune conditions that we didn’t 5 years ago. A summary of exciting new studies and what they mean.
  • A new model for what CFS and autoimmunity look like – From the recent research we paint a new picture of what chronic fatigue looks like and explain why symptoms are so varied, non-localised and individualised.
  • How to create a holistic and integrative health recovery pyramid – Knowing what we now know we outline the key aspects that every recovery plan should involve and share case evidence for successes for each aspect.
  • Integrating the physical with the emotional and subconscious – Understanding the role of subconscious behaviour and imprinting ‘healthy’ back to the autonomic nervous system.

Presented by Dr Corin Storkey – director of Seleno Health has over 8 years of clinic research experience, specializing in chronic inflammatory diseases. He himself has battled with and overcome chronic fatigue and promotes an integrated and holistic approach to management, combining evidence based research with natural health solutions and healthy living. He has a holistic, systematic 8 point approach to managing and beating chronic fatigue based on his own life experiences, traditional medicine and scientific research. Come and hear about his story from being bed-ridden for years on a sickness benefit to surfing 8 hours in a day, hiking the mountains of Peru, traveling the world and running his own natural health business.

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3. Understanding glutathione and building natural immunity

This workshop/webinar is about understanding the role of the gut-liver-brain in enhancing natural immune function. Learn about how inflammation begins and cascades to reduce our normal healthy immune function, why people become immunocompromised, autoimmunity and ways we can naturally recover a balanced immune system capable of protecting us from colds, flu, bacteria and viruses.

  • The inflammatory cascade – Understanding what inflammation is, how it affects our body and how the body tries to respond. Differentiating between primary (external), secondary (internal) and tertiary (signalling) inflammation.
  • Glutathione peroxidase (GPx) and protective enzymes – The antioxidant enzyme systems involved in enhancing natural immunity and reducing chronic inflammation. Criteria for effectiveness of antioxidants.
  • The gut-brain relationship – The role of the microbiome and gut in inflammation and how the gut and brain are related during times of stress.
  • Selenium and it’s role in immunity – Why Selenium is so important, why we may de deficient, what are signs of deficiency, how to increase our intake and the role of Selenium in natural immune protection.
  • Macrophages and natural immune function – How the immune system responds to inflammation and infections and how we eliminate viruses, bacteria and toxins. Myeloperoxidase and hypochlorite production.
  • Reducing collateral damage during infection and inflammation – The importance of reducing collateral damage to reduce complications and speed up recovery times from illness.
  • Immune dysfunction and auto-immunity – When the immune system becomes dysfunctional. Complications during infection and inflammation and collateral damage of host tissue.
  • Super boosting the glutathione systems – How to super boost your enzyme systems and enhance natural protection towards stress, bacteria and viruses.
  • Why antioxidants are so important -The role of antioxidants in protecting us during stress and infection. Food based antioxidants vs our own antioxidants.
  • Creating a holistic and integrative health pyramid to build natural immunity – Brining it all together and creating your own personalised prevention and recovery map against inflammation, infection and illness. Must have’s and should have’s, what to include and what to avoid to ensure better health this Autumn and Winter.

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4. Medicinal Maca Masterclass – Understanding Maca and how to use it in treatment

Maca is a sacred medicinal root from the Andes of Peru that has been used to treat and manage stress for centuries. She (la maca) has a healing spirit that returns balance and builds resilience to stressors. But not all maca is equal and there are 15 different combinations of Maca possible to use for different conditions, including 5 preparations and 3 colours of the roots. In this workshop we will take you through the traditional methods of maca preparation, creating “the medicine”, matching your maca to your symptoms using maca to treat and manage different health conditions. Sally will guide you through the ancient traditions of maca and connect you to her spirit and healing power. While Corin will explain the scientific background and studies to substantiate the traditional uses.

Key Timestamps:

0:00 What is maca?
Where does maca come from?
2:52 Farm to table how it is produced
5:31 Resting the soil for 10 years after harvest
6:39 Can maca grow in other places in the world?
7:47 Is maca production sustainable?
14:45 Social responsibility with maca
16:39 Ancient traditions and knowledge about maca
19:07 The four elements and making maca medicinal
25:13 How to brew an Incan maca tea
30:15 The science of maca – what is the medicine?
34:21 Why to never eat raw maca
35:49 How maca works – the tradition
37:16 How maca works – the science
38:11 Maca and the endocannabinoid system (ECS)
40:40 The HPA axis and Anandamide
42:43 FAAH inhibition by macamides
45:13 Macamides and shielding of Anandamide
48:11 The health benefits of maca
48:54 Not all maca is equal – testing macamides
53:21 The 3 colours of maca explained – red, yellow and black
1:00:10 Using extracts of pure red and black maca
1:03:25 How to get started on maca
1:05:56 How to treat different health conditions using maca
1:09:15 Testimonials and success stories

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5. Cannabinoids and the entourage effect – How plants can combine to create blissful synergy

The entourage effect describes that indirect cannabinoid molecules from cannabis and other plants can markedly increase the activity of the primary endogenous cannabinoids in our bodies – anandamide (AEA) and 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG). In this full-length webinar we discuss what we now know about the endocannabinoid system and important information in using it therapeutically. We also evidence the entourage effect and discuss the pros and cons of different cannabinoid activators. Finally we talk about the benefits of terpenes and how than can guide your cannabis experience.

Video Key Timestamps:
0:00 Introduction
0:59 What is the ECS?
3:09 How does the ECS work?
7:41 How do we activate our ECS?
8:28 Directly – cannabimimetics
13:08 Indirectly – “entourage effect”
21:59 Cannabinoids in cannabis sativa
24:58 Cannabidiol – CBD
26:38 THC and cannabis addiction
31:48 Cacao and entourage
34:57 Maca and entourage
39:04 How to use maca for entourage
42:21 Meet Good Herb Soda
43:09 Therapeutic composition of cannabis
44:59 Cannabis vs Hemp
47:07 What are terpenes
48:34 The entourage effect with terpenes
50:59 Cannabis regulations in New Zealand 2020
53:24 The 6 main terpenes found in cannabis
54:14 1. Myrcene
59:36 2. Limonene
1:05:40 3. Pinene
1:09:47 4. Beta-Caryophyllene
1:12:58 5. Linalool
1:16:20 6. Terpinolene
1:19:36 What is Good Herb Soda?
1:20:53 How do you use Good Herb Soda?
1:25:18 Where can you buy Good Herb Soda?

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6. COVID-19 Coronavirus – understanding the mechanisms of cellular damage and complications

Want to learn more about Covid-19 and coronaviruses? From infection to development of symptoms and complications that can arise. Why some people get sick and others don’t. How the virus kills and what current treatments try to address. Plus a debate over the big question, are we treating the right disease? New studies are showing that Covid-19 is more of a vascular disease than a lung disease, so do we need to change our treatment approach? And what can you do at home to prepare yourself in the case that you do get infected.

Key Timestamps:
2:04 What is COVID-19?
5:00 How does the body’s immune system respond to infection?
How does COVID-19 kill?
15:38 How does COVID-19 create life-threatening blood clots?
36:56 How does the body protect from superoxide and oxidative stress?
41:31 Why are some people at higher risk for complications with COVID?
46:40 Is NAC a potential treatment option or preventative to help protect against COVID-19?
53:49 What are some natural products that can be used to help reduce risk for severe covid complications?

woman with winter colds and flu
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7. The Fat Fallacy – the truth about cholesterol, heart disease and metabolic syndrome

Remember the war on saturated fat and butter back in the 1980s-90s? Being told that cholesterol is killing us and why we should eat low fat alternatives? Even eggs were considered bad for our health. Learn how this happened, the role of big pharma and food companies and why it’s ok to eat butter again. Who was right and who was wrong and what are the most important things you need to know for your own health.

Dr Corin Storkey is a medical researcher who specialises in chronic inflammatory conditions including cardiology and metabolic syndrome. He holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne and has substantial postdoctoral experience at the Heart Research Institute (Sydney). Having spent time as a medical consultant in the pharmaceutical industry he recently quit his role to start his own natural health company. He will be presenting his research findings into the development of heart disease and the ways in which pharmaceutical companies and the food industry manipulate data to market their specific interests. He will be sharing information about the realities of cardiovascular disease and the need for an integrative and holistic approach to management.

Topics discussed and key learning objectives:

  • What is metabolic syndrome
  • Correlations between risk factors
  • The truth about risk factors
  • How did the the war on fat begin
  • Stress and inflammation – how it works
  • Diabetes and heart disease explained
  • Pharmaceutical marketing – an insiders guide
  • Food industry manipulation & exploitation
  • Why you must know your food
  • Reading food labels and understanding healthy eating
  • 10 steps to better health – natural ways you can improve your health
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Testimonials from our webinars and workshops

Inspiring workshop

Just attended a well thought out and inspiring presentation on maca. The sincerity and clarity at which the guy spoke on the spiritual, medicinal and scientific elements of maca was great, but the social change and genuine ethos they hold themselves to I support even more. Have been using maca for the past year and now I’ve found an ethical, charitable, high quality, farm to table, business to support. Thank you!

Kimberly Lacy

Excellent webinar!!

Excellent webinar today, informative, well presented, easy to understand, well worth every cent, and I'm so excited to try my new immune products. I work as a chef, specializing in dietary requirements, the tutorial was excellent and I can pass on info to my customers..thank you

Kaz Yates

A game changer for me

Went to the chronic fatigue talk last night, only genuine true advice, spoken by an honest and lovely guy, I'm so genuinely excited, this is going to be a game changer for me.

Amy Ray

What an articulate and compassionate speaker

I just attended a seminar on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Dr. Corin Storkey. This company really demonstrated their thorough research into their products, as well as highlighted Corin’s thorough research on the topic of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
I left feeling really informed, uplifted and inspired, -a tricky topic to address! What an articulate and compassionate speaker! I feel lots more informed in a positive way about CFS. Thanks! Recommend!

Alana Aquamarine

Connected with maca!!

I went to this talk in Wanaka about Maca and its healing power! It was so refreshing to hear about Macas sacred roots from an authentic and traditional aspect, rather than from a marketing 'superfood' foundation... these guys are up to some awesome things and seem to have nothing but the purest intention of educating community and giving back to the Peruvians

Andi Throssell

Amazing workshop on maca

I just attended a workshop held by these beautiful humans and my heart is filled with joy. To see people with such passion, knowledge, love and belief in what they offer is epic. They are so genuine and I totally believe in the product and in them. So amazing, so much love to you both!

Elizabeth Mcilwraith

A really sincere presentation

Went to a the chronic fatigue presentation last week. Was waiting for the hard sell - it never came. A really sincere presentation from a guy who just wants to help people out of his own experience.

Kelly Ned Kelvin Woodley

Highly recommended workshop

What a great workshop and talk. I’m feeling inspired and empowered to make some lifestyle changes that I know will make a difference to my wellbeing and energy levels. Highly recommend.

Michelle Behrens

Insightful workshop on chronic fatigue

Thank you so much for the really insightful seminar on chronic fatigue (and other chronic conditions), it was great to learn about the science and what is actually going wrong in our bodies! You are a very humble and relatable person and am stoked I travelled to go to this!! Very very worth it! 11/10, pretty excited to further my health journey. Thank you again!!!!

Tenielle Bray

Loved learning about maca

A great presentation involving culture, body and mind, educating people about the origin and real spirit within the product and teaching the active components for nutritional health benefits. Loved learning and caring about who and how the journey of the medicine is cultivated from farm to plate. Thank you for your passionate service. It's important to buy ethical and sustainable and it makes it easier to do with faith when the power knowledge is shared globally!

Marijke Postma

Inspiring Maca workshop

I went to the Maca Workshop, what I can say is it was very insightful to learn about this ancient superfood. From the science to cultivation, farm to table & more. More so the ethical & honest practices of this organisation. The work these guys do to help the farmers, families in Peru. No middle man, brokers or corporation who take the big profits. The pure passion & integrity they have is so humbling. Keep it up guys, Can’t wait to start my Maca journey.

Fiona Chapman

Highly recommend the maca workshop

Had a great experience with these guys at their last workshop with the Maca ceremony. I could feel that the products were really good quality, and what really impressed me was the process of how they actually make it, with so much good energy, and respect for the environment and communities in Peru. For those that are interested in medicinal plants, I highly recommend this workshop.

Caroline Petit

Tackling Chronic Fatigue and AUTOIMMINITY webinar

Fantastic webinar presentation today on Tackling Chronic Fatigue and Autoimmunity. So well presented by Corin Storkey with easy to understand slides, rather than just a talk. Great to get some up to date research on CFS. Came away with a clear cut plan for my son, who is already mostly on track. Can't recommend this webinar highly enough. Afterwards was given great advice when ordering products. Will be joining to other webinars. Thanks so much.

Susie Bedford


Truly powerfuly webinar sharing information about the realities of cardiovascular disease and the need for an integrative and holistic approach to management - if this was implemented into our mainstream health system their would be true transformational change in the lives of New Zealanders.


Extensive knowledge

Corin and Sallys knowledge on this topic is extensive. Inspiring talking with them both. The correct usage of maca is imperative and with their help you can reap the benefits.

Ally Rusholme

The best ethical maca and cacao in NZ

The Maca Experts (by Seleno Health) provide the best ethical maca and cacao in NZ. Their products are fantastic! We feel so lucky to know them and follow their workshops always which are very informative and well explained. We love the connection that they make with people and the beautiful experience to share a yummy and healthy drink with them. Yay guys!! X

William Cooke