Workshop – The Cacao and Maca Movement – Bringing connection through ancient master plants – 17th April 2021

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Workshop – The Cacao and Maca Movement – Bringing connection through ancient master plants – 17th April 2021

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The Maca and Cacao Movement – Bringing connection through ancient Master Plants

Wellington’s wellness community is uniting to bring you an afternoon of connection and intention. Sharing sacred ancient knowledge of Andean and Amazonian cosmovision, traditional plant medicines, internal reflection, intention creation, ceremony, music,  movement, expression and energetic release. This 3 hour deep dive experience will truly awaken your heart to possibility and leave you feeling fulfilled, centred, balanced and complete.

Where: Thistle Hall – 293 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington

When: Saturday 17th April – 3.30pm – 6.30pm

Led by a group of highly qualified multi-disciplinary facilitators and experts in their respective fields.

  • Sally Huapaya (Peru) – Hunca-Incan descendent, expert in ancient traditions of cacao, maca and Andean cosmovision.
  • Dr Corin Storkey (NZ) – Medical researcher, heading the maca and cacao research centre in partnership with Victoria University (Wgtn).

What to expect – The event in detail:

Part 1 – Movement and awakening

Dylan Kaufman will awaken our physical, emotional, energetic, and mental bodies. Through utilising components of Elemental Movement Meditation he will guide us through a movement regime to ready our cells to absorb the information our minds are about to receive.

Part 2 – Return to the ancient

Sally Huapaya and Pamela Chipana will take us on a journey back to the origin. To the home of the sacred cacao and maca in Peru and their plant journeys to be here with us today. Sharing ancient knowledge of Andean cosmovision and traditions so we can truly connect with the plants we are about to consume with respect and high vibrational intention.

Part 3 – Connecting the heart and the brain

Dr Corin Storkey will bring modern science to ancient traditions. Explaining the traditions of maca and cacao through biochemistry and the importance of understanding the fundamental concepts of each. Including exciting new studies being undertaken here in Wellington with Victoria University.

Part 4 – Returning to the heart space in ceremony

Claire Wolfe will guide you through a heart-opening meditation, honoring the spirits of maca and cacao and ask for our intentions to be heard. In circle we will prepare and share a cup of heart medicine and allow it to awaken our hearts and soul. We will then move through gentle breathwork and devotional music.

Part 5 – Embodiment, expression and release

Flowing with beautiful heart-centred intention Dylan Kaufman will take you through Elemental Dance utilising embodied resources such as free body movement, self-enquiry, communication, and team building exercises. It is a heartfelt activation of the 5 elements – earth, water, air, fire, and ether, in a synergistic flow to assist creative embodiment and integration of new pathways for more expansive and harmonious living.

Part 6 – Sharing, connecting and uniting to promote positive change

As a group we will discuss the learnings from the session and specific action points we can take away with us to continue our journeys at home. Leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, transformed and open to a new journey or direction in your life that can leave you feeling fulfilled, centred, balanced and complete.

Early bird $45 (limited ticket numbers only before March 17th)

Presales $55

Door sales $65

Online Webinar virtual ticket (Zoom) $45 (Outside of Wellington)

What to bring:

  • A cushion and or blanket and or yoga mat
  • Comfortable loose clothing
  • A water bottle
  • Your favourite special mug for your ceremonial elixir
  • Journal book and pen (optional)

Please ensure you do not book anything directly after the event as we prefer people are not rushed to leave as timing may vary slightly and we want the space to feel relaxed. Avoid coffee/alcohol on the day of the workshop.

For those outside the Wellington region we will have a webinar option that is available for purchase at $45. We will have a camera setup and will be streaming to those who purchase a virtual ticket via Zoom. For this option you will receive a Zoom meeting invitation after your purchase.

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What are Maca and Cacao?

Two of the sacred teacher plants of the Inca and Amazonias. Creating the connection to Pachamama and unlocking our endocannabinoid bliss – both will be taken in Andean ceremony before the commencement of the breathwork and meditation. Known as the Incan food of the brain (maca) and the Amazonian food of the heart (cacao), they guide us to balance and provide resilience and strength from within. They bring us joy and bliss and remind us of our connection to Wiracocha (Creator) and Pachamama (Mother Earth). High Vibrational Ceremonial Maca Nibs will be supplied by The Maca Experts and Ceremonial Cacao Paste by Rescue Cacao from Seleno Health. Both are direct from artisanal family farms, farmed following ancient traditions in Peru and are blessed before and after harvest in sacred ceremony by our local shamans.

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