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Ceremonial Cacao Paste Drops – Organic Premium Grade – 250g

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100% pure organic, single-origin, ceremonial grade cacao drops. Made only from virgin crop, meaning the first crop of the tree and hand-selected pods. Our ceremonial cacao is fermented and full bean, generated from milling the whole bean into a creamy, rich paste following ancient traditions. It contains all the antioxidants and bioactives of the whole bean, with beautiful rich aromatic oils to make a therapeutic, creamy elixir once mixed into hot water. We provide the highest quality, pure ceremonial cacao so you can feel the love too! We personally source our beans from Peru (see our farm here) to find the most potent, therapeutic & flavour rich cacao possible. Every batch is tested and shown to be safe from heavy metals and cadmium. We go beyond fair trade and work exclusively with one family farm that uses sustainable natural agroforestry practices (see here). Our cacao is artisinally grown, fermented and roasted (<50 deg), while maintaining neutral acidity to provide the best aroma and taste. Connect with our cacao and let it open your heart and heal your body.

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100% Pure organic ceremonial grade cacao drops. Add to hot water or beverages as a health elixir. 250g in cardboard tubes.

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MmmmM beautifuL CacaO!!

I have so much respect for the high ethical and quality value that Seleno Source! i receny expanded my regular Maca order with a packet of cacao ....my goodness....I was blown away by the deep, rich, earthy, grounding and incredibly nurturing nature of this product! So much, that it has ruined my taste for other Cacao... Seleno products extend far beyond flavour...it's a complete experience!

Beck Marks

The best ceremonial cacao i've ever tried

For years i have been looking for a quality cacao paste and then i found Seleno Health. Its not only the best i've ever tasted but it is ethically sourced and direct from the farm. I use it in our weekly cacao ceremonies and myself at home. Bliss in a block!! Such a powerful medicine and amazing heart opening vibration.


The best quality and ethical maca & cacao on the market

My partner and I only buy Seleno Health maca and cacao now! Not only the quality and taste are great, but both these maca and cacao are sourced and processed in the most traditional ethical sustainable way. I started with the yellow maca 125g about 18 months ago, tried the red maca doses, then the cacao maca 125g. I now regularly buy yellow maca 500g, I keep in stock at home red and black maca doses (for those tougher days when we need an extra boost or nourishment) and we recently bought 5kg of cacao! We've been learning more about maca through Corin & Sally's webinars. "She" is such an amazing rare healing plant that deserves to be treated with reverence. This maca is now part of our daily life to support our energy levels and a sense of wellbeing.

Sarah CT

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250g, 5kg


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