About SelenoHealth

Seleno Health was established by Dr Corin Storkey, a researcher who specialises in stress disorders and chronic conditions. Having himself beaten chronic fatigue syndrome he now formulates natural medicines and health education to assist others with achieving their own health goals. With co-director Sally Huapaya they ethically source Peruvian maca direct from farm to table and run a social and volunteer program in Peru that protects and preserves the culture of their community.

3 – What are the different forms of maca to consume?

There are 5 main different forms of maca, each having different properties and characteristics. Knowing which form of maca you have is important as it determines how it should be consumed and what benefits it can give you. Always check the label of any maca product to understand which preparation you are dealing with and then you [...]

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2 – How does Maca grow?

Maca is a self-pollinating plant that has two distinct annual growth cycles, one to produce and select medicinal maca roots (hypocotyls) for consumption (Cycle 1) and the second to select optimum maca seeds (rosettes) for planting (Cycle 2). Each cycle takes approximately 9-12 months, with a 3-month drying period post-harvest. Incan traditions allow for 10 years of [...]

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Five questions you should ask before buying any Maca powder

Making therapeutic grade Maca is a blend of tradition, art and science. There are so many variables that can influence the quality during production and in turn alter the taste, texture and therapeutic properties of the final powder. Couple this with the ethics and sustainability of how it is sourced and finding a quality powder that isn’t hurting a [...]

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Why Holistic Medicine is so Effective for Treating Chronic Conditions

In spite of the criticism and misunderstanding of alternative holistic and energy medicine, the need for such approaches to complement standard Western medical practices has never been greater. There is the widespread belief in our culture of the “technological fix” or “magic elixir”. In the meantime, prevention, nutrition, exercise, healthy living habits, and self-healing have been de-emphasized [...]

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Top 10 Barriers to Better Health and Well-being

Over the last 50 years medicine and health technologies have improved exponentially, with more therapeutic options available than ever before. Despite this, studies show that our health is not improving as a result. One analysis of lifestyle related disease demonstrated that 30 years of medical advancements had no impact on the outcomes and well-being of patients. As with patients 30 years ago, today still only 50% of are able to reach their required health targets. Why is this?

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